Welcome to CVI.

Christian Values Investing (CVI) is committed to the principal that every investor should have the opportunity to reflect their values in their investment choices.  As the Lord's servants, Christians are called to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to them to manage.

Where Values and Investing Meet

CVI offers professional money management that reflects Christian values by seeking out companies that seek to glorify God through direct and indirect activities such as:
  • Conduct business that reflects positively on the principles of Christianity
  • Conduct business in a manner that shows respect for others
  • Conduct business with integrity and honesty
  • Provide positive benefits for its employees, suppliers, customers, and community
  • Contribute to and support programs that provide education and training

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As you explore our web site, you will learn about our history, why we screen for values, our financial advisory services, our small/mid cap focus, and our diversified stock portfolios.

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