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For more than thirty years, Christian Values Investing (CVI) has committed to the principle that every investor should reflect Christian values in his or her investment decisions. CVI is a full-service, “fee-only” registered investment advisory firm and fiduciary. This means we invest only with your best interests at heart.

You have worked hard to steward the resources God has given you. You want to enjoy your retirement, provide for your family, and leave a legacy that blesses and guides the next generation. And you know that this requires a smart financial strategy.

But when you turn to a financial adviser for help, it can feel as if you have to check your Christian values at the door. Many investment managers only care about profits, and Wall Street’s advice often goes against biblical knowledge. Good returns and Christian beliefs seem mutually exclusive.


Christian Values Investing is different

Our financial planning is personal and based on biblical principles. We help individuals and families navigate market uncertainty, plan for the future, and organize their estate. With biblically responsible investing, you never have to worry about your portfolio supporting sinful practices or unethical companies. We want to keep you on track for a meaningful and purposeful financial future.

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Financial Planning

Our financial planning is personal and based on biblical principles.

Financial Advisory

We help investors understand their risk profile for responsible investments.

Investment Management

Our Biblically Responsible Management focuses on the small market sectors.

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