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The CVI Strategy

We help you integrate your faith into your finances. This process includes biblically responsible investing and financial stewardship that blesses your family and honors the Lord. These investments have strong profit potential that align with your Christian values.

As our advisory relationship develops, our focus remains on you and resolving complex issues which may include the following four life planning components, the CVI Strategy:

Wealth Strategy

Enhancing Wealth

Investment Planning

Protecting Wealth

Insurance Planning

Transferring Wealth

Estate Planning

Donating Wealth

Charitable Giving

In Summary

We believe the best wealth strategies come from a well thought-out plan that considers many variables. Each component is addressed when, and if, it plays an integral role in your life. We help you to identify and address needs and issues as they arise throughout your life.

These may be a key component of our regular and ongoing meetings. Some of these areas may be very challenging. We want to be proactive in assisting you with handling and moving forward in these areas to make dealing with these challenges easier to accomplish.

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