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A few investors have a Christian financial advisor, although the majority of these advisors do not follow a distinctly Christian approach to financial decision-making. A Chrisitan Financial advisor with a biblical worldview can help you align with your values and priorities. Partnering with Christian Values Investing (CVI) is the perfect solution!

Our financial advisors play an integral role in helping investors of all walks of life achieve their financial goals. You can get the technical guidance – asset selection, allocation, tax strategies – with a biblical foundation to match.

We emphasize guidance with an eternal perspective that keeps your values and priorities in check and encourages generosity over mere asset-building. In addition, CVI Advisors can also help you maximize your charitable giving and share your vision while seeking to prioritize your best interests.

Our advisors will prioritize your best interests, seek to maximize giving and use wealth to serve Christ by serving others. Through meaningful conversations and an eternal perspective, we provide you with an approach to financial planning based off of your own Christian viewpoint.

CVI advisor’s will keep financial planning goals in line with God’s will, encouraging generosity over simply building assets. Best of all, we will even pray with you and for you!

We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals

We believe in tailor-made solutions. Your financial plan is designed to suit your individual goals and aspirations.

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