Financial Planning - Christian Values Investing

CVI applies Bible-based Christian financial planning principles and Christian financial values to help clients with the financial planning process. The Bible has over 2300 verses that give us wisdom on how to deal with money and possessions. CVI uses these Biblical financial principles as a guide when working with their clients. We help our clients implement a financial strategy based on Biblical principles outlined in God’s Word; where their spending, giving, savings, investments and insurance programs are working in harmony to achieve their life goals.

Several years ago CVI decided to create and adopt The Successful Life Financial Planning™, a method created by Steve Hammond, the founder and CEO of Christian Values Investing and Covenant Financial Ministries, to help their clients build a meaningful financial strategy starting with their Christian values. The basis for their financial plan is the Successful Life Tetrad Worksheet™ and the Successful Life Road Map.™

The Successful Life Manager Road Map™ is designed to help our clients explore their values, identify their Goals and gain a clear understanding of their financial health and future direction. It helps our clients to learn to “Live a Successful life in Christ Jesus.”

The Successful Life Tetrad Worksheet™ is designed to help our clients build a financial strategy, starting with their unique Christian values.

To be a faithful steward it is important to follow biblical financial wisdom. Our Faith-based financial planning strategy offers assistance in the financial planning process. From the basics of budgeting to the complexity of Estate planning, CVI can help you navigate through all of the difficult choices.