Investing with a Clear Conscience: Aligning Your Money with Your Values

In an increasingly polarized culture, more Christians want to ensure their investments uphold their beliefs. This inspired Christian Values Investing (CVI) to pioneer biblically responsible investing back in 1993 as one of the first fee-only firms doing so.

CVI constructs portfolios free of companies contributing to moral decline. Their strict screening excludes industries like gambling, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, abortion, and LGBTQ activism. No cultural polluters allowed!

Historically, boycotting objectionable companies sufficed for some. But owning shares means you still profit when these businesses succeed. Your investment dollars empower them, even while avoiding their products.

CVI believes asserting moral accountability through portfolio choices can influence corporations more effectively than boycotts or politics. Companies notice when stock prices fall due to conscientious objections.

Yet for busy individuals, researching each holding is unrealistic. That’s why CVI thoroughly vets investments using tools like its proprietary eVALUEator mutual fund & stock screening.

They aim to help clients align portfolios with convictions. If your advisor refuses to accommodate ethical concerns, it may be time to switch. Luke 12:48 reminds us that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Don’t unwittingly fund enterprises undermining your values. Insist on regular moral audits of current and future investments. Apply a biblical filter to your financial decisions.

This cultural battle now includes Wall Street. Will you leverage your investments to make a difference? Join the growing movement of Christians who apply faith to finances. It’s empowering to bank, spend and invest your money in ways that honor Christ.

In Christ,
Stephen H. Hammond


Stephen H. Hammond, president and founder of Christian Values Investing Inc., established the first “fee-only” Biblical responsible investment advisory firms in 1993 to help Christians align investments with their values and better manage finances from a biblical perspective. He graduated from Georgia Southern University with a finance degree and worked in the Investment Banking industry before joining Merrill Lynch in 1988. Stephen is a published author and speaker, a spirit-filled Christian who traces his faith heritage to preacher ancestors. In 2005, he established the nonprofit Covenant Financial Ministries to teach biblical stewardship principles and money management. Stephen has decades of experience in money management and financial planning. and serves with Kingdom Advisors and the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants. He has appeared on radio and television, spoken at churches, and authored books including Mission Possible: An Investment Guide for Christians and The Successful Life Manager. He married Angela in 1990, and has two children.


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